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Tamarleigh Grace Grenfell

Tamarleigh Grace Grenfell was raised in rural Maine, the eldest child of Rev. Dr. John M. Grenfell, who was a pastor and songwriter, and Linda Webster, who was a teacher and founder of the Little Miracles Country School. Tamarleigh has been an educator for more than 35 years, both as a math and science teacher and tutor and as a technical writer and trainer in the software industry. 


Tamarleigh began tutoring in math and science while attending Skowhegan Area High School, a National School of Excellence at which she was an honors student and National Merit Finalist. While studying at Wellesley College, Tamarleigh continued tutoring and also became a problem set grader for the Physics Department, night lab instructor for the Astronomy Department. and tour guide for classes of elementary school children visiting the observatory.


Since earning her B.A. in Astronomy, Tamarleigh has worked as


  • a research assistant at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (researching star formation, training telescope operators, and leading facility tours)
  • a technical writer and trainer in the software industry (creating a wide variety of instructional content and presentations)
  • a web designer at Fidelity and publications officer at MIT (writing, editing, and leading design projects and teams)
  • a teacher at the MIT High School Studies Program (teaching a variety of courses from debate to vegetarian cooking) and at the Haworth Scholars Program (teaching math and science)
  • an activist (read her Occupy Boston blog here)
  • . . . and a tutor who treats each student as an individual and joyfully helps them build their skills and their confidence

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